Import List of Villages in Japan to neo4j Database

作者: Calpa Liu
出版日期:August 23, 2022
更新日期:August 23, 2022

A `village` is contained within a prefecture, and a `district` has many `villages` or `towns` that not overlap an no uncovered area.

A village is contained within a prefecture, and a district has many villages or towns that not overlap an no uncovered area.

By importing the table from wikipedia, we can get the name, en (english name), prefecture, district and area details of the village.

So we can use the following code to get the data and run the cypher query.

const createVillages = async (ctx) => {
  const url = ``;
  const { data } = await axios.get(url);

  const villages = data[0].map((village) => {
    return {
      area: village["Area (in km²)"],
      district: village["District"],
      name: village["Japanese"],
      prefecture: village["Prefecture"],
      en: village["Village"],

  const result = await, { villages });`Villages created`);

  return result;

And the cypher is pretty simple, for each village, create Village node and set area, en property. Create a district node and bind the village, district and prefecture relationships.

UNWIND $villages as village
MERGE (v:Village:Municipal{name:})
SET v.area = village.area,
    v.en = village.en

WITH v, village
MERGE (d:District{name: village.district})
MERGE (v)-[:IN]->(d)

WITH v, village, village.prefecture as prefecture, d
MATCH (p:Prefecture)
WHERE p.en = toLower(prefecture)
  OR p.en = toLower(
      replace(prefecture, 'ō', 'o'),
MERGE (v)-[:IN]->(p)
MERGE (d)-[:IN]->(p)


By building the fundamentals of data in the database, I know more than yesterday.


  1. List of villages in Japan - Wikipedia
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