Elevating My Career: Pursuing AWS Certification as a System Architect

作者: Calpa Liu


Excited to share my ambitious career goal with all my amazing connections on LinkedIn! 🌟 Over the past years as a Full Stack Web Developer in the Event industry, I’ve gained valuable experience in various technologies, including AWS Server deployment and management. Now, I am determined to take my skills to the next level by earning the AWS Practitioner Certification!

I’m incredibly grateful to my current company, EPISODE Maker Asia, for the tremendous support they’ve provided throughout my AWS journey. They entrusted me with full control over AWS and Alibaba Cloud, empowering me to lead the team in deploying our full-stack website applications and S3 assets effortlessly using aws cli commands.

As I learn AWS, I make it a point to share my experiences with my teammates, fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration.

The journey has already begun, and I’m excited to bring back new skills and expertise to contribute even more to our team’s success! Join me on this exciting path as I work towards becoming an AWS Certified Practitioner, aiming to elevate my career and contribute to the ever-evolving world of cloud technology! 🚀

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關於 Calpa Liu


Calpa 是一個四天工作的系統架構師,日常幫助客戶構建一站式網站應用,手機應用,雲端架構。

2023 年 9 月,Calpa 收到來自國內外不同 Web3 團隊的邀請,參加韓國的 KBW 2023 和新加坡的 TOKEN 2049 活動。十二月份,Calpa 將參加台北區塊鏈週的 Hackathon 比賽。

Calpa 擅長運用各種前沿技術,包括 TypeScript、React.js 和 Vue.js,開發具有 Responsive Web Design 的網站。另外,他透過運用 aws-cdk 和 TypeScript 技術的融合,實現了基於雲端的「基礎即代碼」(Infrastructure as Code)部署策略,建立了多套高效且具有可伸縮性的全端架構。

同時,Calpa 積極參與各個社群,活躍於香港和台灣的開源社區,分享前沿知識。他曾在 2019 年的香港開源大會中擔任重要講者,為聽眾提供寶貴的工作經驗和深刻見解。此外,Calpa 在 GitHub 上公開分享了個人博客程式碼,已獲得超過 300 顆星星和 60 個分支。

如果您對系統架構有任何問題,或需要進一步交流,請隨時聯絡 Calpa,他非常歡迎討論。